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About Us

Brace for the Future’s Mission

Who We Are

Brace for the Future is a non-profit organization that focus’s on aiding local families in providing orthodontic care for their children. As community leaders in the downriver area, we pride ourselves in our commitment to help our communitie’s young people. Our long term vision is to positively impact a child’s life so that they experience growth and success for the rest of their lives.

Brace for the Future was born: Two trips down the bumpy road of the orthodontic and braces journey, taught Christie (our founder) a few things. The first thing: braces aren’t cheap! The second: working with a reputable dentist is key to getting lasting results. Armed with this knowledge, Christie set out to help many deserving, downriver kids, to obtain a corrected smile. She gathered a few friends, spoke with local high school counselors and representatives, and just like that, Brace For the Future was born. Today, Brace for the Future has helped a number of deserving young people find the confidence they deserve, in the power of their new smiles!

Our Vision

Brace for the Future is committed to making a positive, lasting impact on a young person’s life.

Our Mission

Brace for the Future is a Downriver based, non-profit organizations that connects deserving young people with the resources to elevate their self-esteem, through the power of a corrected smile. We are dedicated to the importance of enriching the lives of the next generation. We believe that inspiring our young community members to smile more will encourage their lasting and unwavering self esteem.


a donation to Brace for the Future is a unique opportunity to brighten a child’s smile forever.